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Aprendiendo nuevas palabras en Inglés

La tarea es hacer un pequeño ensayo en donde explicamos maneras de aprender nuevas palabras en inglés, también se tienen que resolver los ejercicios que vienen en dos copias de un libro de inglés


We can listen to music, play your favorite song, look for the lyrics on the internet and sing along. Also, we can watch movies in english with subtitles in english too. You can read news in English, there are a lot of web sites on the internet in English with a lot of interesting information, starting with Wikipedia, which is an online encyclopedia

We have to practice it daily, or we may start forgetting the words we learn each day, it’s best if you find a partner to do it with

Perhaps my favorite way is to play video games, where an interesting story develops and you have to find out what’s going on, much like an adventure book, or even a thriller novel


1 D

  1. Naomi likes to use a computer
  2. Fernando likes to look up words in the dictionary
  3. Dana likes to practice with a partner
  4. Linda and her friends like to brainstorm words
  5. Ahmed likes to listen to CDs
  6. Sam likes to copy new words

2 A

  • 8 cD Player
  • 1 flashcards
  • 4 notebook
  • 7 chart
  • 3 group
  • 2 pair
  • 6 dictionary
  • 9 the internet
  • 5 picture

2 C

  • T
  • F
  • F
  • T
  • F
  • T

Se actualizará con scans de las hojas para que puedan hacer una referencia de dónde de las respuestas y los ejercicios

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  1. Louigino
    2009/09/09 at 22:28

    a perfect way to learn pronunciation is to read out loud, whatever you find it doesn’t matter, you must read it over and over again and it will improve your pronunciation skill a lot..

    Like what you’re doing here it’s really helpful, way to go!! ..

  2. 2011/07/03 at 01:32

    Yo he practicado mucho con canciones, funciona bien y hay música para todos los gustos. Primero hay que entrenar el oído.

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